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The rules are simple: instead of nagging you about donations, we can code for you for fun and profit three square meals a day. The ExperienceUI development team, consisting of Dan Fuhry and Neal Gompa, has a very wide range of experience across operating systems and installer platforms. Chances are, if you can do it in a desktop application, we can make an installer that does it.

Dan Fuhry

Three-line resume

  • 11 years of NSIS experience doing everything from the most basic of basic installers to crazily feature filled configuration tricks done right in the wizard. (Yes, I really started with NSIS when I was 11)
  • Intimate familiarity with Windows, Linux, and other Unix-based operating systems
  • I'm great at writing readable and organized code and keeping things spread out and clean. That's now, not two years ago, so look at the Enano BitNami module source, not the ExperienceUI.


My most recent NSIS project is the Enano CMS BitNami module installer. It does a little bit of advanced parsing, a little bit of automation, and a lot of eye candy.

Other than Enano, my biggest contracted project has been IIS Aid. There have been many others, but I've either lost the links or was under an NDA and can't give names.


  • Currently 22 years old
  • Doing business since 2006
  • B.S. in Information Security in Forensics from Rochester Institute of Technology

Neal Gompa

Three-line resume

  • 10 years of NSIS experience
  • 8 years of BitRock InstallBuilder and RPM package building experience
  • Intimate familiarity with Windows and Linux and some familiarity with Mac OS X




The most recent work I have done is in the Enano CMS NSIS-based version of the BitNami module installer. I wrote a lot of the original framework code for the installer script. Quite a bit of it was rewritten for modularity and added in the parts dealing directly with Enano configuration by Dan Fuhry. I jointly maintain the installer with Dan Fuhry.


  • Currently 22 years old
  • Holds B.S. in Software Engineering from Mississippi State University


Why hire us?

Dan and Neal have nearly 20 years of NSIS experience combined between them. As the authors of the ExperienceUI, we have the knowledge, experience and attention to detail required ensure your installer's appearance and behavior are perfect.

We both work professionally as software developers, which means you can expect clear communication; high quality, well-commented code; a high level of quality control; and full revision history via a Git repository.

Development model

Demonstration installers shipped to you will display a nag screen indicating the nature of the executable. Upon payment, we will deliver a compiled installer without the nag screen as well as the full source code and instructions for building the installer yourself. This will allow you to easily repackage newer versions of your program without having to rely on us.


All prices are in USD.

The base price for an installer is $350.

This rate includes the following:

  • Installer and uninstaller
  • Up to 500MB of files
  • Unlimited Start Menu shortcuts
  • Up to five optional components
  • An Add/Remove Programs entry
  • Version information (properties page)
  • You supply graphics and colors; must be sized to ExperienceUI specifications

Additional services:

  • User-provided icons: free
  • User-provided EULA: free
  • More data: $20 per 100MB (the builds take much longer, it's annoying)
  • Additional optional components: $25 each
  • Color selection: $25
  • Specialized functionality: $75 per category; categories include:
    • Windows services
    • Adjustments to user preferences
    • Firewall rules
    • Browser plugins
    • Version detection of dependencies (Windows, Windows components, or 3rd party software)
    • Automatic download and install of 3rd party components
  • Custom installer pages: $150
  • Graphics conversion (user supplied product logo): $200
  • UI dialog resource customization: $100

If the program being packaged up is under a Free Software license, you may at our discretion be eligible for 50% off the above rates. If your organization is a US 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, the rate is 35% off the above rates. Non-profit + open source means you get the open source rate.


Be sure to let us know of your release date. Once you go public, if there are any bugs with the installer found within the first 90 days, we'll fix them for free (at our discretion).

Rates for rebuilds are as follows:

  • Rebuild without any code changes (i.e. data + version number only): $5
  • Further revisions: $50/hr

Of course, you can always rebuild the installer yourself at no cost.


The only accepted methods of payment are:

  • PayPal (worldwide)
  • Certified checks (US customers only)

Payment must be made in United States dollars.

Other services

Oh yeah, if you like the website here, yes, Dan coded that too. He can also do PHP/MySQL web development for you. Rates are the same as above.

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